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100% Biodegradable Apocalypse Special - Digital Download
Inside the 100% Biodegradable Apocalypse Special: In a world populated by Elvis impersonators, being anything other than ‘The King’ is met with swift retribution in Apocalypse Now Or Never by Jimmy Furlong, Andrew Hartmann, Val Ramon and Ken R (More)
100% Biodegradable Issue 22 - Digital Download
Inside the final issue of 100% Biodegradable: A haunted roller coaster ride spells trouble for a police detective suffering from motion sickness in Death Coaster by David Hailwood and Edward Whatley. To achieve endless peace, a scientist must (More)
100% Biodegradable Issue 21 - Digital Download
Inside the extra large 46 page penultimate issue of 100% Biodegradable: An explosive self contained 16 page ‘Funguys’ adventure by the legendary Ian Edginton (X-Force, 2000ad, Aliens) and Alan Burrows (Eagle, Red Dwarf). A young cyborg see (More)
100% Biodegradable Issue 20 - Digital Download
Inside the extra large 48 page 20th issue extravaganza of 100% Biodegradable: Alan Grant and Alan Burrow's legendary 'Funguys' gatecrash the Last Supper, with sobering consequences. A lowly cleaner deals with major abandonment issues after eve (More)
100% Biodegradable Issue 19 - Digital Download
Inside issue 19 of 100% Biodegradable: A seaside clash between Mods and Rockers is met with nuclear retaliation in Mods Versus Mutants by David Hailwood, Neil Bryant and Tony Suleri. Captain Jerry Kowalski breaks out of the nut house and straight int (More)