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100% Biodegradable issue 18 - Digital Download
Inside issue 18 of 100% Biodegradable: Paranormal Investigator 'Daversham Rex' attempts to solve the murder of a recently resurrected femme fatale, a fare dodger accidentally boards a train bound for hell in 'Bad Conduct' by David Hailwood, Mats Eng (More)
100% Biodegradable issue 17 - Digital Download
Inside issue 17 of 100% Biodegradable: ‘Rourke’ braves the hazardous Radlands in her hunt for relics from a bygone era in a brand new strip by John Freeman (Judge Dredd Megazine, Crucible), Bill Storie (Spaceship Away, Sci-Fi Art Now) and Brett B (More)
100% Biodegradable issue 16 - Digital Download
Inside issue 16 of 100% Biodegradable:  Hard drinking, hot tempered sword and sorcery shenanigans in Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman, X-Men, Batman) and John Freeman's 'Rourke Of The Radlands'.   A Mars base gets infected by a deadly alien parasite in Pa (More)
100% Biodegradable issue 15 - Digital Download
Inside issue 15 of 100% Biodegradable: The eclectic crew of the Skow 709 seek out brave new worlds in an effort to make a quick profit in the first part of 'Skowdogs' - a brand new 8 part series by John Freeman (Judge Dredd Megazine, Crucible) and Da (More)
100% Biodegradable issue 14 - Digital Download
Inside issue 14 of 100% Biodegradable: a love-struck demon races against time to save his race in Steven Fraser (Futurequake, Wasted) and Edward Norden's (Torso Bear, Murky Depths) Time Begins, a misplaced rock star struggles to find his feet in a (More)