Due to new EU directives regarding the sale of digital products on the internet, Comicsy no longer offers AUTOMATIC downloads via this site. Instead, when purchasing a digital download, the seller is now required to email the buyer a copy of the file or a link to access the file. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

If you wish to sell your item as a digital download then Comicsy can do all the hard work for you. When a customer orders a digital download, upon completion of the sale, they are sent an email containing a link to the download. The buyer can download the item 5 times before they need to purchase again.


There is a maximum file size limit of 34MB. We ask that you try to keep your file sizes as small as possible but without compromising the quality of the download. The larger the file, the longer it takes to download – this can be an inconvenience to customers. Also, larger files take up more capacity on our server and exhaust our data transfer limits. All this increase costs so we ask that you be mindful of your file sizes. Each Comicsy user account is limited to 500MB. If you require more space for your files, a small fee may apply.


If you’re really struggling to get a file below 34MB then you can host the file on your own web server and simply include the direct link to the file in the correct section on the product page. Please Note: The URL you wish to use MUST be a direct URL to the file. You cannot link to a file hosted on sites such as DropBox or MediaFire.


On the Create New Product page, click the ‘Upload File’ button in the Product Download section.

Product Download


A new menu will appear, offering up to 4 options tabbed across the top of the page.

Upload a Product File

  • From Computer – Simply drag and drop the file you wish to use inside the dashed area, or click ‘Select Files’ and browse to where the item is stored on your computer. The item will then be uploaded to the Comicsy server. This is the recommended method for file uploads.
  • From URL – n/a
  • Media Library – If you have previously uploaded an item, you can browse your media library which includes all file and images you have uploaded.
  • Add From Server – If you have a large file that we have uploaded for you, you will find it listed here.
Once you have selected the file you require the upload will commence.


Finally, click on the ‘Insert into Post’ button. You will be returned to the Create New Product page and the ‘File URL’ field will contain your upload details.


Congratulation, you have now added a file as a digital download. High fives all round!


  • Only the following type of files are allowed to be uploaded on Comicsy: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, mp3, mov, avi, wmv, midi, mid, pdf, cbr, cbz, ai.