We’ve recently had some questions about how Comicsy is funded and our position on fees.

Comicsy is proud to be a FREE to use website. That means it’s free to join, free to list, free to sell, and has NO FEES. We’d like the site to remain that way for it’s entire lifespan. Are we crazy? Quite possibly, but the ethos of the site –  to help promote the small press comics scene – is a fundamental reason as to why the site was built. To move away from this goal seems detrimental to Comicsy’s ‘image’.

This does not mean we will not try to make money from the operation. If the site were to blow up massive, with increased hosting fees and data transfer fees for all those lovely digital downloads, the site would not survive without an income. That’s just economics. So, while the site is still finding it’s feet, ironing out a couple of those pesky bugs, the existing easy ‘donation’ scheme will remain the only option.

Donating to Comicsy without spending a penny

Comicsy uses affiliate links to gain revenue. Affilliate schemes are run but the majority of companies who sell goods on the web. A company, such as Amazon, will pay their affiliates (that’s Comicsy) a percentage of every sale generated from customers referred to Amazon from an affiliated website (Comicsy again).

Currently only Comicsy Shop owners can donate to Comicsy. On the dashboard of the Easy Admin control Panel you will notice an Amazon button at the bottom of the page. If you’re an Amazon shopper, just click  that button, and you will be whisked to the wonderful world of Amazon. For everything you purchase in that visit, or in the following 24 hours, Comicsy will receive a small percentage of that sale. It’s not much, and there’s a limit to what Amazon will pay, but YOU will not pay any extra, Comicsy’s money being taken from the money that Amazon would normally receive.

EXAMPLE: If you were to purchase a new Space Hopper (because we all love Space Hoppers) if you had clicked on our Amazon link before hand, Comicsy would receive 5% and you would pay just the £9.99 it is listed for. It really is as simple as that. 100% legal, we even have a disclaimer below.

Comicsy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.co.uk, amazon.com.

Future Finances

The affiliate approach may not work as an effective source of revenue. There are plenty of alternative methods we are considering:

  • Onsite Advertising – Including Google ads or other website ads. Revenue could even be shared with Comicsy Shop owners!
  • Freemium vs Premium – Introducing a premium service in which paid up ‘Premium Members’ receive additional benefits such as extra theme templates, use of own domain name, advanced selling features.
  • Classifieds – Adding a new section allowing members to sell their services, ideal for personalised products and commissions.
  • Design Services – Site and logo customisation for those without technical skills.
  • Print Services – A long term option that would give comic creators access to print facilities.
These are  just a few of the options available without going down the intrusive pay-per-sale model operated by similar sites.

Ultimate Goal

Wouldn’t it be nice to retire fat and happy, living off the funds generated from a website that helps people sell their wonderful comics. That’s the dream folks. Help us make it a reality.