The all new Comicsy website is now live. What is Comicsy? Comicsy is an online marketplace for UK small press creators to sell their wares.

We are currently looking for sellers to sign up to the website and get their products online. Joining Comicsy is easy and you can have a full Comicsy Shop up and running in minutes. Take advantage of the benefits of being part of a larger comic-centered website.

This diagram explains how it works:

Comicsy Site Map

Each shop owner manages their own products in their own dedicated area. Comicsy simply displays all the items, from all stores, in one easy to search area. When a buyer takes a fancy to a product, Comicsy directs them to the store where the product is located. Buyers can fill their shopping cart with products from up to 10 different Comicsy Shops.

For more information on buying, take a look at our Buyers Guide.