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The Devastation #1

Darkness has engulfed the world, and those who are unfortunate enough to live, struggle to survive. From politics and anarchy to monsters, demons, and the dead walking among the living, the world has become Hell. There is no peace or serenity in this world. In this world there is only famine, war, conquest, and death. The Horsemen have arrived.

The Team:
Sam Clevesy:
-Writer and letterer of Dead Planet, After the Fall, and The Next World
-Cover Artist
-Creator of The Devastation and Owner of Third Eye Storytelling
Boris Pecikozić:
-Artist (Pencil, Ink, and Colors) for Dead Planet and The Next World
Edison Neo:
-Artist (Pencil and Ink) for After the Fall
Dan Inselmann
-Colorist for After the Fall
Eran Fruehauf
-Writer of Inferno
Blake Soder
-Writer of June 24
Yevgeniy Peregudov
-Writer of Of Wolves and Fire
Arch Stanton
-Writer of The Ripper Pt. 1

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