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T4L Comic Vol 2
T4L Comic Vol 2

T4L Comic Vol 2 (Print Edition)

T4L Comic Vol 2 is OUT NOW. The new 36 page anthology comic about fantastical, strange and sometimes political happenings on transport in London. It contains 7 stories by Vol 2 contains 7 stories by Matthew Dooley, Kevin McHugh, Mark Gunning, James Evans, Virgil Yendell, Rob Cureton, Alex Widdowson, Pete Jones, Steve Lowes, Talvinder Sehmbi, Pardeep Sehmbi, and Harminder Chana.

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T4L Comic Vol 2 – is out NOW!

On the Last Train Home we see what you might miss if you fall asleep on your last train. The Space Between delves into the hidden lives and inner struggles of anonymous commuters sharing their journey every day. Quango the Barbarian, a silly tale inspired by the equally silly acronym for quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation. See Quango rampage through London un-democratically “solving” problems that don’t need solving. Down in the Coal Mine a topical story about workers on the tube set to the lyrics of a traditional folk song about coal mining. Just as the coal industry was the life blood of Victorian Britain, in the present day, if TFL shuts down for a day London grinds to a halt. Inhuman grunts, bad breath, clumsy irrational crowds of shuffling people? You thought your commute was bad, but hopefully nothing like The Commuting Dead. Concrete Soul shows us that some travel by bus, some by car but there are those that ride on a whole other kind of 4 wheels. Voices on the Train is a cautionary tale about the near future of a less human London Underground.

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