Welcome to the world of The Demonhuntress!

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Life changed suddenly for Alexis. While visiting the medieval European fortress of Karavalitz, assassins left the happy young bride a widow. That was yesterday, when she was young.

Today, almost 19, she feels alone and lost, pursued by killers who have reached into her world from an earlier century…

“Verily I tell you that there are some who are standing here who will not taste of death until they have seen the Kingdom of God.”                           – Luke 9:27

If you like classical gothic stories like Frankenstein, then you will want to read The Demonhuntress series.

For more information, and ordering, visit us at: The Demonhuntress. (For the French edition, visit: La Chasseresse de démons.)

Preview video: Karavalitz (Volume 1 of The Demonhuntress)

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Karavalitz ENG v13

Coming in Fall 2020: Volume 2 of The Demonhuntress

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