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Hoodie: Reality Killed the Vigilante DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Set five years after Witch Trials, Rich Nicholas is nearing the end of his medical degree on the verge of becoming a doctor. His time as Hoodie has become insignificant in his life, more a bit of fun than a chance to change society.

Enter Dr Cipher, a man obsessed with a deck cards who believes that chance is the only real absolute in society. Cipher starts a crime spree against the city that Rich once protected so.

Will Rich return to his Hoodie to stop Cipher and the most deadly enemy he has yet met: reality.

Hoodie: Reality Killed The Vigilante is the spectacular end to the Hoodie series where a book becomes a comic book becomes a book.

cover by Matthew Craig
comic art by Steve Horry

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Hoodie: Reality Killed the Vigilante DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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