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TheLengths 17
TheLengths 17

The Lengths Complete Edition

In a city full of temptation and an age of disappointment, these are the lengths we go to.

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The Lengths Complete Edition

The Lengths: Cover

“The Lengths is an important work. It covers topics largely passed over even in prose literature, let alone the diversity-challenged world of comics. In giving a voice to the voiceless, Hardiman deserves praise – and behind the anthropology, the Lengths is a love story sweetly told. By the end, I wanted to see its leads together. And that’s really all that needs to be said.”
– Alex Hern, New Statesman Magazine

Hotel room sex.
K-holes in the Rothko room
Dating a friend.
Muscle worship.
Selling yourself online.
Living alone.
Two phones, two lives.
Lies you lose yourself in.

In a city full of temptation
and an age of disappointment,
These are the lengths we go to.

Read the first few pages below. The Lengths is a story that runs to almost 200 pages in eight chapters. The comic is litho printed, so it smells good and is printed in the UK on paper from renewable sources. It’s shipped in a folder to keep all of the issues together.

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TheLengths 17

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