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nearlymades: a smattering of ƒound stories and kipple narratives

92 pages
Limited First Edition of 200
£9.00 +£1 p&p

Lying on your back, finding faces in the clouds. Walking home under yellow street lights and mistaking a bush for a lurking figure. Seeing Jesus in your toast… You’d be a rare human, indeed, if you had never glimpsed a nearlymade! 

Nearlymades from Simon Russell asks you to take a sideways squint at beauty and detritus. 

Some of the found comics and stories in Nearlymades seem familiar – like half-remembered tales of martians, myths and monsters – and deja vu is always waiting in the shadows, but nothing in this book began with graphics aforethought. Chance sequences and stories have been excavated from mundane travels and presented for slow consideration with text and image playing off each other… what looks at first like a script is often revealed as a title or a verbal ruse to slow the eye and tickle the imagination.

“Nearlymades is a fascinating recycling of found (and doctored) images. Bridging the gap between graphic novels and artists’ books, this rare and excellent example of abstract comics is intriguing, beguiling and witty, and will change the way you look at the streets around you.” – Alex Fitch, broadcaster

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Price: £9.00




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