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Hallowscream 2010

The second issue of the UK horror comic anthology Hallowscream.

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The second issue of the UK horror comic anthology Hallowscream.  84 pages of chills, spills, thrills and kills direct from the deranged freaks at Back From The Depths.


Page 1 : Cover by Andrew Milne
Page 2 : Intro by The Reaper, Design by Malcolm Kirk
Page 3 : Contents Background Illustration by Carol Kay
Page 4 : Blackfriars Script & Art by Michael Crouch
Page 9 : Terribly Bad Monsters : Barking Mad! By Christopher Geary
Page 10 : Little Yelena and the Golligugs Script by Matthew McLaughlin,
Art by El Chivo, Letters by Bolt 01
Page 13 : Terribly Bad Monsters : Bite Size by Christopher Geary
Page 14 : The Furry Collar Script & Art by Denise Ross
Page 22 : Terrorvision Guide by Malcolm Kirk
Page 23 : Grandfather’s Books by Sean “Big Ape”
Page 29 : What’s Blood Got To Do With It? Script by Dave Roberts,
Art by Owen Watts, Letters by Malcolm Kirk
Page 30 : Black Damp Script by John Owens, Art & Letters
by Christopher Geary
Page 41 : Mr. Fatty by Tim West
Page 42 : Hole Script by Steev Thulin-Hopper, Art & Letters by Conor Boyle
Page 45 : George Romero’s Living Dead Script by Matt McLaughlin,
Art by Conor Boyle, Letters by Jim Campbell
Page 46 : Wheels of Fortune Script & Art by Philip Sneyd
Page 49 : Speed Date Script by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Liam Matthew Byrne,
Letters by Alan Smithee
Page 54 : Camera Demonica Script by Mark J Howard,
Art by Antony Rothwell
Page 59 : It Wasn’t Me Script by Tim West, Art by Carol Kewley
Page 63 : Escape Plan Script by Patrick Sneyd, Art by Philip Sneyd
Page 64 : Terror of The Sheep by Malcolm Kirk
Page 71 : Windle Script by Liz Warren, Art by Conor Boyle
Page 77 : Promise Script by Dirk Van Dom, Art by Filip Roncone,
Letters by Chain Gun Chimp
Page 84 : Back Cover Skull by Malcolm Kirk



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