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1 Cover

Vanguard Issue 3 – print edition

Tomboy heroines, high-tech gadgets, schizophrenic assassins, invisible men, undead serial killers, lost-in-time MMA movie stars, pissed off donkeys. Have I missed anything?

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Vanguard Issue 3 – print edition

Issue 3 of Vanguard contains 32pp and six action-packed stories. In “Atomic Call”, AWOL soldier Call Malone is being pursued by a rogue’s gallery of villains who want to get their hands on the other-worldly Atomic Transference gauntlet she has come into possession of; In turn-of-the-century horror strip “Mammoth Jack”, 12 year old Jamie Swift continues her quest for revenge, aided by her mutilated, one-eyed donkey sidekick Duncan; and in “Buck Tucker: Enemy of Love” recently deceased serial killer Tucker learns more about the demonic menace he has been re-animated to battle. The issue also features the first chapters of 3 new tales – “S.N.A” which follows the adventures of a deadly cyborg with a split-personality; “Vestige”, a supernatural mystery thriller set in Ireland; and “Harry Kane will See Her Safely Home”, which follows the adventure of a present day MMA and B-Movie action star cast back in time to feudal Japan to help prevent a terrible disaster.

Featuring art by David Blankley, Bhuna, El Chivo, Jim Cameron and Bryan Coyle.

This issue ships with a free set (while stocks last) of 4 SERIES 2 full colour artcards depicting some of the comics characters in a Japanese themed setting. Art on these cards provided by Stephen Prestwood, Chris Askham, Tony Rothwell and Bhuna.

Ships from Ireland.

See our blog for more details.


8 Atomic Call page 6

Atomic Call, art by David Blankley

15 SNA page 3

S.N.A, art by David Blankley

17 Vestige page 3

Vestige, art by Bryan Coyle

25 Mammoth Jack 3 page 4

Mammoth Jack, art by El Chivo


Harry Kane, art by Jim Cameron

Tucker Editorv2

Buck Tucker,art by Bhuna


The following are the artcards that will ship free with this issue. Art (from left to right)by: Stephen Prestwood, Bhuna, Chris Askham and Tony Rothwell.

MammothJackaT vanguard in japan 2 zephyr Vanguard in Japan 3 Tucker Vanguard in Japan 4 call

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