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Vanguard Issue 2 – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Tomboy heroines, high-tech gadgets, alien Halos, possessed Gryphons, Demonic Smoke Angels, Pissed off Donkeys and Undead Serial Killers. Did we miss anything?

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Vanguard Issue 2 – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Second issue of Dirk Van Dom’s small press anthology, featuring the continuations of Atomic Call (art by David Blankley), Halo and the Gryphon (art by Louis Carter), Mammoth Jack (art by El Chivo) and Tucker (art by Bhuna). In this issue, Atomic Call offers up some girl on girl shoot ’em up action as enigmatic new character Mandy SNA enters the picture; Halo and the Gyphon turns up the heat as the Halo, the Smoke Demons and the Heartling Hunters make our hero Zephyr’s life a waking nightmare; things get nasty in Mammoth Jack as our psychopathic donkey’s human companion Jamie Swift falls foul of a bunch of dangerous ex-con rapists; and a supernatural turn of events awaits Buck Tucker as he awakens following his recent murder and finds himself in a whole new ball game.

-24pages b/w, colour covers

Halo and the Gryphon, art by Louis Carter

Mammoth Jack, art by El Chivo


Atomic Call, art by David Blankley

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