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About unseenshadows

Unseen Shadows is a Transmedia project created by author Barry Nugent. The purpose of the project is to expand the world and characters created within the pages of Barry’s bestselling adventure novel Fallen Heroes ,which is also the first book of his Unseen Shadows novels. This expansion takes place across multiple platforms, including books, comics, audio and more. Unseen Shadows provides a broad and action packed canvas for its diverse creative team to work within. Their standalone tales are 100% canon to the Unseen Shadows universe and can be enjoyed without having to read the novels first. It’s all about offering you the choice to enjoy Unseen Shadows in a way that works for you.

First Look at Page 1 of Unseen Shadows:Blood Cries Out

So what better way to start off the new year and new projects here at Unseen Shadows than some lovely inks. In this case the inks come from the pen of artist Steve Penfold  and his work on the  first […]