Trixie Biker Vs. The Time-Wastrel (Digital Edition) By Matthew Craig

Hi-Ho, True Believers!

Craigy here with a quick note to both thank you for reading my comics this year and clue you in to my Great Christmas Sale!

That’s right: all my digital comics – not just the shorts and one-shots, but the Trixie Biker books as well – are now available for download at the low-low GoGo Pixie price of just 50p!

50p! That’s incredible!

So if you’ve given or gotten a tablet, iPad or e-reading device for Christmas, what better time for you to load up with brill-o British superhero action than right the heck now?!

All sale prices stay in full effect until Jan 6th (or until further notice).

But wait! What’s that? A second special offer? Aw, jam!

If you buy the complete set of digicomics (total cost £3), I will send you a FREE print comic from The Matthew Craig Dot Com Shop! Free! Your choice! Any one you like. Plus stickers! Stickers! (UK only; sorry)

Man, you can’t say fairer than that. Or can ye? (no)

I thank you once again for choosing The Matthew Craig Dot Com(icsy) for your digital comics needs. Have a Merry and Mellifluous Christmas and a Haptastic New Year!