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Spandex: Fast and Hard (Book One)

Titan Books’ first collection of the award-nominated series!

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Spandex: Fast and Hard (Book One)

This is Titan Books’ gorgeous collection of the first three issues of Spandex! It’s hardback, full glossy colour, US-sized, 96 pages, with some nice extras!

The book contains:

Issue One – ‘The Attack of the 50 Foot Lesbian’: An introduction to the team and their personal lives – with a shocking ending!
Issue Two – ‘Pink Ninjas’: The team head to Japan to recruit a new member – there they meet Neon, the fluorescent gay ninja, and they are forced to beat off loads of Pink Ninjas!
Issue Three – ‘…If you were the last person on Earth’: A nasty creature named Nadir has taken over the world and sucked all the life and colour out of it – and only four members of Spandex remain!

Plus: There is a new editorial and a character/issue commentary from Martin Eden.

Price includes postage, and Martin will sign the book for you.

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