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1 cover copy

Spandex #1 – Digital Version!

Digital version of the premiere issue of the controversial, award-nominated super-soap!

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Spandex #1 – Digital Version!

It’s the first issue of Spandex, the award-nominated superhero soap opera about the world’s first all-gay superteam! In this issue, we are introduced to the Brighton-based team – Diva, Glitter, Mr Muscles, Butch, Prowler, Indigo and Liberty – as they face ‘The Attack of the 50-Foot Lesbian’!


After that, you’ll get to know the team a little bit more intimately as they head to their homes – and there is a very shocking ending!


The first issue is 40 pages, full colour, looks great on an Ipad or similar device!

2 responses to Spandex #1 – Digital Version!

  1. This was a simple & enjoyable read introducing a team of LGBT superheroes. It reminded me writing-wise of the sort of humour in ‘No Heroics’ if you ever saw it. I really liked the artwork, it’s simple & the line & solid colour works really well. At the end there’s some pages explaining a bit about it’s characters creation which was interesting.

    I’ve one pedantic question over the lead superhero ‘Liberty’ who’s variously described as ‘he’, ‘she’, a ‘drag queen’, but reads as transgender just to leave me unsure?

    Didn’t feel a long read (although 40 pages), it made me smile & laugh a couple of times & had a nice feel about it.

    • Glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback!
      You kind-of get to know the characters over the issues (there will be 8 in all, I’m just finishing #7), so things about Liberty are slowly revealed – we get her origin story in issue 5. I think the way people refer to her depends on their relationship with her (or if it’s me referring to her, it depends whether I am thinking of her as ‘Liberty’ or ‘Jason’). It’s definitely complex!
      I will pop more Spandex issues up on Comicsy soon!

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