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Suit Up!
Suit Up!

Suit Up!

Illustrated playing cards! With jokes!

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Suit Up!

Suit Up! is a fully-illustrated comic deck of high-quality playing cards. Each card from the 2 to the Ace of each suit is a hilarious single panel comic written by Luke Surl (Weapons Grade Puntonium).

Serving suggestion - poker chips not included

Serving suggestion – poker chips not included

The artists, one per suit, are some of the most exciting young comic creators in the British Isles:

Francesca Dare (Penny Blackfeather)

Kate Ashwin (Widdershins)

Rachael Smith (The Rabbit, Artificial Flowers)

Luke Healy (How to Survive in the North)

Cards are printed on 320gsm linen finish playing card board, with plastic coating for durability, and come in an attractive printed tuck box.


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