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The Jabbercrow Volume 2

Every half-century, the 12 cities go to war for the glory of their gods. With the next war looming, an imprisoned king struggles to escape, hoping to disprove allegations of madness made against him in order to reclaim his throne from his treacherous regent.

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After a troubled flight from the Badger city of Shadule, Rufus and
Addicus arrive in Worval, a city run by thieves and merchants. Planning
to petition the Corvid government for military aid, they must first earn
passage out of the slums…

Meanwhile, Groznius wastes no time with the civil unrest brewing in
Shadule, instead sending a pair of deadly hunters to bring Addicus
back to him at all costs.


Welcome to the second volume of the Jabbercrow, containing chapters 7-11.

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