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Comicsy Vol 1
Comicsy Vol 1

The Jabbercrow Volume 1

Every half-century, the 12 cities go to war for the glory of their gods. With the next war looming, an imprisoned king struggles to escape, hoping to disprove allegations of madness made against him in order to reclaim his throne from his treacherous regent.

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Comicsy Vol 1

War is coming to Droab.

War always comes to Droab.

Every fifty years, the Faunans go to war for the amusement of the Gods, paying homage with their lives.
Every fifty years, the Gods reward the victors with extravagant gifts and protection from the malicious spirits of Droab, the Faye.

However, this time something is different; something is not quite right.

The ritual war brings with it purpose; it fuels the Faunan’s faith as well as their desire for revenge, but now “change” follows in its wake; mysterious and subversive, it threatens to erode the bonds of Faunan society forged by the Gods themselves.

The Gods are watching.

The Gods are waiting.

Welcome to the first volume of the Jabbercrow, containing chapters 1-6.

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