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Cancertown 2 Blasphemous Tumours
Cancertown 2 Blasphemous Tumours

Cancertown Volume Two

Vince Morley is a dangerously sick man. The crossing points between his realities wear thin as, in a psychiatric hospital, sticky fingers pick through the darkest corners of Bugfuck’s broken mind. With the old powers falling to a new creature of horrific violence and limitless rage, the deadliest of the Cancertown Players returns to claim a favour from Morley that could cost him more than just his life.
Writer: Cy Dethan
Pencils: Graeme Howard
Colours: Peter Mason
Letters: Nic Wilkinson

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Cancertown Volume Two

“A comic where the pages will draw blood if you don’t handle them carefully.”
David Hine (Crossed, The Darkness, Bulletproof Coffin)


“Shocks or scares or delights you on every damn page. Breaktakingly original. As dark as nightsoil and twice as nasty.”
Dion Winton-Polak, The Geek Syndicate


“Cy’s really set himself up as one of the best writers in Britain…It’s kind of like Chinatown in Hell, is what it is. It’s like Chinatown crossed with Clive Barker.”
Lee Grice, Small Press Big Mouth


“A heady, unsettling mix of nightmares.”
John Freeman, Down The Tubes


“A rollercoaster of twisted brilliance.”
Adam Cheal, ComicBooked

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