If you’re here looking at books by Cy Dethan and Pete Mason, you’ll probably want to know that their latest work, Torsobear: Yarns From Toyburg is currently live on Kickstarter, and their story Some Assembly Required.

Torsobear is violent noir set a world of fluffy children’s toys who are thrown into a chilling cycle of murder, deceit and intrigue, where the horror of events stands in stark contrast to the bright and cheerful world in which they take place and includes stories from an international creative team of over  20people.

The toys of Toyburg blissfully enjoy their waking lives. Most will never encounter anything nasty. But when they sleep, all will experience the strange and sometimes disturbing violation of The Playtime. Sometimes, they remember.

You can back the project here: Torsobear:Yarns From Toyburg Kickstarter

Pledges begin for as little as £2 and rising through a number of rewards including T-shirts, plushies of the main characters and other goodies.

Please help us spread the word.

Remember, it’s always fun until someone gets hurt.