Chicken Outfit #1

Issue #1 Cover

Rusty McDoodle isn’t having the best week. His web clients aren’t paying, his girlfriend left him and his social skills have deteriorated from freelancing in a vacuum. His best friend Stan works in online porn, toiling away in a virtual sweat-shop lorded over by a maniacal boss and his dog-like cronies. When Stan witnesses his life’s work go up in flames late one night, he asks Rusty to join the company and help him uncover the truth behind his Kafkaesque employer.

These two web-lackeys soon discover a series of events have been set in motion so bizarre, that their world becomes engulfed by epic chaos. With the help of an alcoholic psychic and his fishing buddy, they’re roped into a nightmarish struggle with bloodthirsty demons and money-mongering yes-men. Can they keep their jobs and their sanity intact when they can’t trust anyone and there is an axe lurking behind every back?

Chicken Outfit is a sci-fi / horror comic for future-shocked times. It chronicles corporate greed, maniacal butchers, undead biker-chicks, drunken psychic shaman, pretentious aliens and a couple of under-paid slobs who find themselves in the most hellish situation of their lives.

MAY 2013