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shades vol 2 cover
Heroes all - count 'em!

Shades – Volume 2 (digital edition)

A WW2 fighter pilot, a First Century warrior queen and a prehistoric mystic. Oh, and their tailor. These are not your common-or-garden heroes!

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Shades – Volume 2 (digital edition)

What becomes of a nation’s heroes after they’ve won the war that lost an empire?

Shades is an action-fuelled story spanning five thousand years of British history; a two-volume graphic novel which asks the question “What makes a hero?” and examines the characteristics and traits which have come to define the British national psyche.

This, the second and concluding volume, opens with Stanley Miller and his motley group of one-time heroes still reeling from the traumatic events of Shades Volume 1. Meanwhile, assisted by his allies (the religious zealot Credo and a group of genetically enhanced mercenaries) the prehistoric mystic Bedlam makes his move for control of the UK.

112 page PDF.  Written by David A J Berner.  Artwork by E.C. Nickel.  Colours by Muamal Khairi.

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