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West: Autumn Dusk

West is the ongoing story of the life of Jerusalem West, often called Joe, in the America of the 19th century. Ranging from straight westerns of the Sergio Leone and John Ford movie school to horror-influenced tales inspired by the DC Comics ‘weird westerns’, West is a series of self-contained issues in non-chronological order, each one adding to the whole.

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West: Autumn Dusk

New York, 1901. Jerusalem West and Wilton Frohickie have fought side by side, in war and without. They’ve faced bandits and killers, spirits and demons; they’ve defended the living and they’ve killed the dead – just about everything the weird and wild west has to throw at them.

Now, both settled with homes and families, they enjoy the quiet life.

But old habits die hard…

Every once in a while, a simple case comes their way, and it’s hard to resist the old excitement and the thrill of the chase.

Also, in this issue: HOMESTEAD, part II.

Summer, 1853; a young Joe West accompanies his father to the Bradbury County Fair, where he will meet the two people who will change his life forever.

“Cheverton’s stories, as usual, are a clever and perplexing mix of interesting clues to the mystery of West, wrapped up in some great storytelling… Every time a new issue comes out, I can’t help but go right back to the beginning and find even more connections, more little elements that go to prove how tightly Cheverton has the entire saga mapped out.”Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet.

Autumn Dusk is the sixth issue in Volume II of West – 20 pages of black and white story, with full colour covers, written by Andrew Cheverton and illustrated by Tim Keable.

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