Hi, and welcome to the angelKat Entertainment store!

aKe is the home of the webcomic Fera (an LGBT tale of adventure, romance, and cat girls), the art and writings of Davy Shirley, and our other comic book titles including The Editors (a super hero series following a villain who remembers the reset/retcon), Colony Alpha Lima (an LGBT sci-fi story of political intrigue in the distant future), and many more. We can be found behind table at most UK conventions these days, and when we aren’t the entire team are creating new content for you guys.

We also have a variety of other items for sale, these include;

  •  angelKat Comicsy Store  – print and digital comics (pdf and kindle formats), sketches, art prints/posters, badges, and t-shirts!
  •  Commission Price Guide  – price breakdowns and examples of my commission work. If you don’t see what you’re after, just ask!
  •  Patreon Campaign Page – make a monthly pledge and help support Fera whilst getting yourself rewards, and bonus content.
  •  Pay What You Want Content – pin ups, wallpapers, and more, and you can pay nothing at all, or as much as you like for it! For free items don’t be alarmed by the credit card form, simply enter “0.00” into the amount field and you won’t need to enter any card details.
  •  Subscribe At Comic Rocket – entirely free, but it’s a handy tool that lets you bookmark your progress through the comic whilst also showing your support for Fera.
  •  Like Us On Facebook – I’ll be posting details of conventions, new titles, artwork, and perhaps a give away or two.

*All of my prints are printed on high quality 160gsm archival paper stock – almost all pieces in my deviantArt gallery are available as prints with the obvious exception of commissioned pieces. If there’s one that you’d really like as a print that isn’t on the store, note/email me and I’ll see what I can do!

Commission Info:

Prices vary but you can find my base prices in my commission guide here – these prices only apply to work for personal use, commercial projects are accepted but are priced differently. If you’re on a budget we can discuss what I can do within that budget. You can contact me either via email as per the image, tumblr, or deviantArt.

Will Do:

  • Comics
  • LGBT/Yaoi/Yuri
  • Character Designs
  • Adult/Fetish Content
  • Pin Ups
  • Portraits
  • Furry/Monsters
  • Lingerie

Will Not Do:

  • Adult content featuring minors (all characters must be 18+).
  • Adult content FOR minors (if you commission NSFW content you must be over 18 years old).
  • Adult content featuring abuse, or non-consensual acts.
  • Content featuring/promoting hate speech.

More info in my journal